Here are the most frequently asked questions from our customers

General Questions

Do you offer international shipping?

We currently only ship within the continental USA.

How much do you charge for shipping?

  • We provide complimentary standard shipping for orders over $99 within the USA.
  • A flat shipping fee of $8.99 is charged for orders within the USA.
  • We dispatch orders using USPS and/or UPS. Tracking details will be shared once shipped.

How soon will my order be processed?

It usually takes between 1 to 5 working days to process your order. You'll be notified via email or SMS once done.

When will my order be delivered?

Typically standard shipping takes about 4-8 working days. Kindly note that we aren't responsible for delays after the order departs from our facility.

Note: It's crucial for customers to provide an accurate and safe delivery address. We can't be held accountable for issues stemming from incorrect address details or deliveries to insecure locations.

I made an error with the delivery address. How can it be corrected?

If your package hasn't been dispatched, reach out to us immediately with the correct
details. But if it has already been shipped, we can't be held responsible for errors caused by the customer.

Can I return my purchase?

We accept returns within 14 days of receiving your order. Products must be returned in their original state and packaging. Initiate your return by emailing us or by going into your customer portal.

Do you handle bulk and wholesale orders?

Certainly! For bulk orders or to stock our candles and any of our products, please reach out to us.

What's special about soy wax and coconut apricotwax in your candles?

Our candles use Soy and Coconut Apricot Wax because they burn cleaner without releasing toxins. These waxes are sustainable, natural, and vegan-friendly.

Wedding Stationery

How long should I expect my invitations to be ready after placing an order?

Typically, the processing period spans between 3 to 4 weeks. It's always a good idea for couples to place orders well ahead of time to accommodate any unforeseen delays.

Is it possible to modify the color scheme of an invitation suite?

Certainly. While our Semi-Custom invitations are presented in their default designs, any modifications would require the purchase of an additional feature.

What's the recommended timeframe to order my wedding invitations?

We highly suggest placing your order a minimum of 3 months before your wedding date. This ensures there's ample time for crafting and shipping so you can distribute them to your guests punctually. If you wish to place an order earlier than the 3-month window, that's perfectly
fine! In such instances, we'll schedule your order and commence work when the time is right.

Will you dispatch the invitations directly to my guests?

No. All invitations are sent to you in a singular large box, and they'll be unassembled. By 'unassembled', we mean you'll be tasked with inserting the invitation cards into the envelopes and fixing the
necessary postage before dispatching them to your guests. We do offer the add-on service to have invitations assembled for you, but the task to mail them to your guests is yours.

Is postage included in the package?

Unfortunately, it isn't. The responsibility to procure and affix postage lies with you. However, we'll provide useful guidelines regarding the necessary postage for each invitation suite.

How many invitations and/or suites do I need to order?

It's advisable to order one invitation set for EACH HOUSEHOLD rather than individual guests. To account for unforeseen circumstances such as last-minute additions, ensuring a copy for your photographer, preserving a memento, or compensating for any invitations that
may go astray during mailing, we suggest ordering an additional 10 sets beyond your initial count.

Sculptural Candles

Is it safe to burn sculptural candles?

While primarily for decoration, they can be burned. However, due to their unique shapes, burn times may vary.

How do sculptural candles burn?

Unlike traditional candles, sculptural ones burn inwardly, with the degree varying by design.

Wax dripping: Is that normal?

Absolutely. You can remove any cooled dripping wax.

I trimmed the cotton wick too much. What next?

Similar to the wood wick, expose more of the wick by removing and/or carving out some wax around the wick.

Do handmade candles have imperfections?

Given their handcrafted nature, minor variations and markings like 'frosting' may occur.

What exactly is 'frosting'?

It's a whitish crystalized spots that sometimes forms on soy candles, signaling its natural origin. It doesn't hinder the candle's performance at all.

Wood Wick Candles

What's unique about wood wick candles?

Wood wicks mimic the sound of a cozy fireplace and distribute fragrance more intensely.

Why does my candle have an uneven surface after burning?

Soy candles can have an uneven surface post-burning due to the varied cooling rates of the wax. This indicates its 100% natural composition.

How do I ignite my wood wick candle?

Lighting it at an angle on the first burn is effective. Ensure the entire surface melts during the initial burn to ensure even burning subsequently.

What if I trimmed the wood wick too much?

Remove and/or carve out some surrounding wax and try igniting
again. If only a bit of the wick is showing, remove some melted wax to expose it more.

Why is it so important that I trim the wick?

A long wick can lead to a bigger flame which results in faster wax consumption and soot production. Follow our burn guidelines for optimal results.

My candle is tunneling. How do I fix it?

Use aluminum foil with a small opening at the top to help melt the edges. Always let the wax melt entirely across the surface to prevent tunneling.

What does it mean to be free of phthalates, parabens & additives?

We prioritize health; hence, we avoid these chemicals which can disrupt hormonal balances.

Wax Melts

How do I use wax melts?

Place a melt on your warmer, be it electric or tealight-powered, and let the fragrance permeate.

Differences between electric and tealight wax warmers?

Tealight warmers offer a potent scent but burn faster. Electric warmers are safer and provide a milder, longer-lasting aroma.

How do I replace wax melts?

If solidified/cooled, warm the wax slightly to make removal easier. Push gently and it should pop out. Clean any residue afterward.

Best storage practices for wax melts?

Store in a cool, dark place to maintain their quality.

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